A tropical location, lush greenery, moisture-rich loamy soil and production-friendly climate-all these make Bangladesh one of the notable growers of a vast range of fruits, vegetables and hurbs.

Bangladesh, mainly a tropical region has diverse ecosystems with hills, flood planes, planes coastal and wet lands [Bangladesh Physical Map]

Temperature ranges from 50c to 280c in winter and from 22oc to 40oc in the summer. Average rainfall varies from 1430 mm in the North and North-West to 4338 mm in the East and South-East [Bangladesh Soil Map].  

Cropped area is around 13.71 million hectare and 179% cropping intensity agriculture predominance. Agro-ecology of the country is divided in 30 AEZs. 

The total cultivated area of horticultural crops is about 0.69 million hectare which is about 5% of the total cropped area.

Two cropping seasons are recognized, Rabi (cool and dry months : October-March) and Kharif (hot and humid months: April-September). Rabi enjoys favorable climate for crop cultivation.







Hortex is an environmental friendly organization and involved in green revolution in Bangladesh through plantation.

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