Incorporation & Purposes Thereof

Horticulture Export Development Foundation, in short, “Hortex Foundation” hereinafter referred to as the Foundation, was established in 1993 at the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee under the Companies Act, 1913 and licensed under Section 26 of the Companies Act, 1913 having registration no. C-323 (11)/93. The Foundation is a “Not for Profit” organization within the meaning of the Section 26 of the Act, organized and set up for the development, promotion and marketing of exportable horticultural/agricultural produces for generation of income and employment of the farmers.

Management of the Foundation

Hortex Foundation has one General Body and one Governing Body. The General Body consists of minimum 35 members including the Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) as the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) as a member and the remaining members having business/involvement in fresh/frozen/processing of horticultural crops (fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, flowers, spices, herbs etc), livestock and fisheries representing  Non-Government Organization/Company/Association/Chamber/Society/Agriculture Educational Institution are elected by the Governing Body. Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture as the ex-officio Chairman of the Foundation is the Chairman of the General Body as well as the Governing Body, while the Vice Chairman, Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) is the  ex-officio member of the General Body and ex-officio Director of the Governing Body. The Governing Body gives overall policy guidance and direction for the efficient functioning of the Foundation.
The Governing Body comprises seven Directors elected from among the members of the General Body, representing two from the public sector as above and others from private sector organizations including NGO are elected by the General Body. The Governing Body being accountable to the General Body generally pursues and carries out the objects of the Foundation as set forth in the Memorandum of Association and is responsible for the management and administration of the affairs of the Foundation in accordance with the Articles of Association and the Rules and bye-laws made there under. Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture by virtue of being the ex-officio Chairman of Hortex Foundation, presides over all the meetings of the General Body and the Governing Body. The Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Foundation under the supervision and guidance of the Governing Body.

 Goals and Objectives of the Foundation


Development and promotion of agribusiness with high value agro-products for export through technological and advisory support in order to boost national economy and farmers’ income.


The objectives for which the Foundation is established are any or all of the following:

  1. Promotion and development of high value fresh and processed agricultural products;
  2. Promotion of contract farming techniques for enhancing agricultural productions;
  3. Providing market intelligence support to producers and exporters;
  4. Ensuring technological, training and advisory support to boost agro-production and its export;
  5. Development of sustainable agribusiness with high value agro-products;
  6. Development of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and support private entrepreneurs for  promotion of agribusiness;
  7. Familiarization of appropriate post harvest management practices among farmers and entrepreneurs;
  8. Development of efficient supply, packaging, cool chain and value chain management;
  9. Ensuring sanitary and phyto-sanitary standards for better environmental management;
  10. Introduction of traceability for exportable produces;
  11. Sustainability of commercial agri-business through research and development linkages;
  12. Promotion of local and international agri-market for generation of employment and farmers income linking farmers, traders, exporters etc;
  13. Alleviation of poverty through agribusiness and export promotion;
  14. Dissemination of information relating to agribusiness.

  Key Activities

Pursuant to the above objectives, the key activities of the Foundation may be as follow:

  1. assist and promote agribusiness specially horticultural products and to develop and facilitate export opportunities;
  2. sponsor, promote, and provide in various forms and manners, assistance including financial, institutional, advisory and training to farming groups engaged in agri-business in  Bangladesh for production, marketing, export and development of all kinds of agricultural products;
  3. plan, develop and coordinate projects/ schemes aimed at assisting all round development and marketing of exportable agricultural produces and thereby help income generation;
  4. help institution-building and enhance the existing institutional capacity of the partner organizations for generating income and facilitating agribusiness in Bangladesh;
  5. make Hortex a self-sustaining organization, develop and build its institutional capability;
  6. promote and stimulate innovative ideas and methods for the development and marketing of exportable agricultural produces;  
  7. encourage, promote and assist efforts in realization of the objectives of the Foundation with focus on injecting new ideas and technologies;
  8. provide relevant information, advice and facilitate exchanging experiences of the partner organizations;
  9. initiate, undertake and promote research, including market research activities and cooperate with public and private organizations;
  10. organize seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.;
  11. undertake publication of reports, periodicals, monographs, bulletins, journals and books etc.;
  12. establish in any place in the country such offices, agencies and local units as may be necessary for managing any of the affairs of the Foundation;
  13. run commercially or otherwise training schools, colleges, centers and other institutions for educating and developing expertise and experience of people engaged in agribusiness;
  14. invest and deal with all money of the Foundation, including those not immediately required, in such manner as may be determined by the Governing Body of the Foundation from time to time;
  15. establish and maintain contact, collaborate and contract with other organizations, institutions, bodies and societies in Bangladesh and abroad for furtherance of the objectives of the Foundation;
  16. obtain membership and pay fees for the membership of any national or international bodies, institutions, organizations and subscribe to their publications, if any, for furtherance of the objectives of the Foundation;
  17. take all such steps as may be necessary or expedient for enabling the Foundation to carry on with its functions properly;
  18. undertake, sponsor, support or aid any educational, social, commercial, agricultural or industrial activities for attaining the objectives of the Foundation;
  19. use all income of the Foundation for advancement of its objectives;
  20. arrange suitable remuneration/fee approved by the Governing Body of the Foundation for any person, firm, association, organization or institution and consultant for services rendered or to be rendered to the Foundation;
  21. purchase, acquire, take on lease or allotment or hire or otherwise acquire land, building, erect or adapt any other movable or immovable properties for the time being and to sell, let out or hire all or any portion of the same as may be thought desirable for development and sustainability of agribusiness and agricultural products;
  22. enter into any agreement with international agencies, foreign  governments and GOB or any other authority, local, municipal or otherwise, public or quasi-public bodies that may seem conducive to the objectives of the Foundation;  
  23. recruit, appoint, take on lien, deputation, on contract any employees, or  enter into any agreement with consultants, experts and organizations for the Foundation and its programs and projects or enter into any other agreement in this regard or to discontinue or terminate their services as deemed fit and proper by the Foundation;  
  24. do all such other lawful things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the objectives and furthering the growth of the Foundation;
  25. assist, direct, prescribe and guide in production including research, processing and marketing (local and international) of agribusiness products including horticulture, crops, sericulture, poultry, livestock, fisheries, forest products, agri-input etc;
  26. assist and undertake or help to undertake necessary storage, sorting laboratory, factory for agricultural products and commodities and also engage directly or indirectly in transportation of agribusiness products;
  27. conduct feasibility study, market study, survey, baseline survey, and analysis of market information from published or primary sources in relation to agribusiness development and products;
  28. conduct micro credit operations relating to agribusiness including borrowing funds from inside or outside Bangladesh, extending credit, receiving and paying interest, charges and similar other elements, writing off loans/credit and creating reserve funds both specific and general, accepting securities, and disposal, if any, of securities and recovery of credits subject to approval of competent agency/authority;
  29. set up or establish specialized banks for operating in agriculture and agribusiness development in Bangladesh subject to approval of competent agency/authority; 
  30. assist entrepreneurs or prospective entrepreneurs engaged and to be engaged in agribusiness in financial management, receiving fund/loan/credit from Banks or financial institutions, managing funds efficiently, cost control, quality control etc for boosting production, marketing and exports for achieving international standards;
  31. establish joint venture or any enterprise with any national/international   entrepreneurs for development and boosting agricultural exports in Bangladesh, subject to approval of the competent authority;
  32. establish, promote, manage, assist to establish and set up printing, processing and packaging industry, factory or any other manufacturing or processing unit with all facilities related to packaging of agricultural and horticultural products;
  33. establish facilities such as, pack house, general and specialized storage, grading centre, pre-cooling and cooling facilities, packaging factory, workshops, etc. subject to approval of the competent authority;
  34. set up, manage and assist to promote quality assurance laboratory, testing facilities and monitoring compliance for the international quality standards and provide/issue quality assurance certificate, report and opinion;
  35. purchase, hire, charter, take on lease rent/lease-out/sell all kinds of air, sea, road, railway transportation including specialized transportation with or without freezing facilities, subject to approval of the competent authority;
  36. initiate, arrange, sponsor publication of both local and international bulletins, magazines, newspapers, journal, books and periodicals;
  37. assist in developing and executing HACCP/ISO/TQM systems and other regulatory system for development of agribusiness; 
  38. set up, develop or assist to set up, promote, establish the “Agri-Export Promotion Zone” with all infrastructure and communication facilities, subject to approval of the competent authority;
  39. assist entrepreneurs in receiving funds, loans, credit etc from scheduled banks, cooperative societies, development financial institutions, specialized financial institutions and other similar agencies, subject to approval of the competent authority;
  40. assist and establish agribusiness industry including creating facilities and other infrastructure in the country either in Export Processing Zones, economic priority areas, less developed areas and any other places in Bangladesh territory, subject to approval of the competent authority;
  41. recover service charges, fees and other similar charges from member and non-members, any individuals, agencies, institutions and organizations against services rendered by Hortex directly or indirectly, subject to approval of the competent authority;
  42. import or procure locally any machinery/appliance/equipment, etc. required for agribusiness and agricultural products for sale or distribution with or without monetary consideration for facilitating agricultural production, marketing, exports and developing quality of agricultural products, subject to approval of the competent authority;
  43. import or procure locally seeds, pesticides, and other inputs required for agribusiness and agricultural products for sale or distribution with or withoutmonetary consideration for facilitating agricultural production, marketing, exports and developing quality of agricultural products;
  44. improve post-harvest management to minimize production loss through introduction of new technologies;
  45. piloting supply and value chain management for agri-business promotion;
  46. promote fresh, organic and high value agro-products at local and international markets;
  47. ensure monitoring and evaluation for sustainability of high value agro-products and its marketing;
  48. develop national certification system for organic and GAP for fresh produces and high value agro-products; and
  49. develop website, establish & maintain database on export production and marketing of high agricultural commodities.

Mission of The Foundation

  1. Agribusiness development with high value high quality commodities for export
  2. Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development through private sectors
  3. Promotion of high value high quality agricultural production following international standards
  4. Promotion of contract/group farming system following FARM to MARKET approach
  5. Promotion of low cost post-harvest management technologies
  6. Development of efficient supply and value chain management
  7. Development of sustainable environmental management with strict sanitary and phytosanitary standards
  8. Market intelligence support promoting export
  9. Human resource development
  10. Employment generation, poverty alleviation and farmers empowerment.

Future Vision of The Foundation

Development of high value agro-commodities through commercial agriculture system in Bangladesh both for domestic market and export promotion.


Hortex is an environmental friendly organization and involved in green revolution in Bangladesh through plantation.

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